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Date and time: Monday, February 2Oth, 2012, 18:30 to 21:30.

Venue: Local MEN inspectorate, Agadir.

Participants: Nezha Marouani, Zakaria Jmaati, Ahmed Atlagh, Mohammed Hassim and Abdellatif Zoubair.


  • Update on recent events.
  • Draft an action plan.
  • Visit of the teacher trainee group from Georgia State University.

1.  We dealt with issues relating to proceeding to next steps, mainly contacting potential partners and communication among board members as well as other parties.

2.  Various suggestions, including the ones submitted through email, were put forward and discussed. There was an agreement on the following four goal areas to be included in the action plan:

  • set up the foundations for the network.
  • build up efficient communication channels.
  • design funding and partnership strategies.
  • plan a clear policy relating to publications and services.
  • A first draft action plan will be put forward to the board soon for discussion and enrichment.

3.  Details of the visit are being discussed with Dr Kesner. Watch next emails for details.

Next steps:

  • Email report to board.
  • Explore opportunities of collaboration with potential partners.

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