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Moroccan Resource Centers of English Network (MoRCE-Net) is a network whose main interests revolve around implementing learner-centered activities and creating professional collaboration and development opportunities. It is a platform for joining efforts among teachers, educational professionals and institutions interested in creating resource centers and English clubs.


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Created in Agadir on December 13 th , 2011.


  • Contributing to the improvement of teaching and learning English in Morocco. 
  • Supporting the orientations of the Ministry of National Education and implementing its programmes relating to teaching and learning English and contributing to school life activities.
  • Creating spaces for cooperation, exchanging educational resources and sharing experiences and expertise related to the teaching and learning of English. 
  • Offering opportunities for life-long professional development to teachers of English. 
  • Encouraging educational research and production of pedagogical materials in the field of teaching and learning English. 
  • Setting up favourable environments for students to learn English independently and actively. 
  • Creating opportunities for collaboration with partners sharing the same objectives in Morocco and abroad.


  • Newsletters 
  • Students’ magazine 
  • Teachers’ magazine 
  • Resource centers magazine 
  • Online resources 
  • Pedagogical documents.


  • Creating resource centers and English clubs 
  • Organizing forums and conferences for the teaching and learning of English 
  • Organizing events, competitions and contests for learners of English 
  • Organizing language camps for students 
  • Organizing in-service trainings programmes for teachers 
  • Organizing enhancement programs for interested students.

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